Family Portraits

First of all, I would like to say that family photo shoots are one of my favorite photography sessions! Time is what it is, it passes quickly and you forget. A family portrait captures the moments forever
Parents and children, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren: treat yourself to a magnificent family souvenir that brings together several generations. An original family photo that will travel through the ages, beyond fashion, reflecting your personalities, your complicity and your history, a family image to keep and transmit in the family circle. It’s a wonderful gift to give to parents or children, a moment of sharing and laughter that offers a magical memory and will give you images that will be part of your family heritage and will pass through time and generations. My experience will bring a timeless and elegant touch to your family photos through the poses used, the expressions captured and special location we choose for the shoot. Far from the usual clichés, my style brings modernity and character, and reawakens the classic family photograph.
Family portrait – how it works
Whether you come in three, four, or five, we will first do a series of family portraits all together, and then we will offer you different combinations: mother and children, father and children, the children together, and an individual portrait of each member of your family. During the session, different associations are organized for black and white portraits of the whole family. The family photo session lasts about two hours to have time to capture beautiful expressions and to bring a real style to your family portraits. I will guide you through the session, finding the positions and poses that will highlight each of your personalities.

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