Engagement Photography

Engagement photos

Are you hesitant to take engagement photos before the big day? There are many reasons to want to do this session! One of the biggest, though, is it’s a good way to have a practice pre-wedding photo shoot. No pressure, no guests waiting. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera… it’s not a mandatory session, but the engagement session helps to get out of the way! After several minutes in front of the camera, you will become comfortable, you will know a little more about the way I work. It’s a photo session that looks like you, in a place that reflects your image. It’s relaxed, fun and without a schedule planned down to the minute! We get to know each other, to be comfortable together, we get to know each other! And it allows me to see you interact with each other as a couple.
Taken a few weeks or months before your wedding, the engagement photos will help you gain confidence. You will know what to do and what to avoid! And once the big day arrives, you’ll look forward to the pictures!

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