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The child portrait

My approach to children’s portraiture is the same as the sessions with adults: the idea is to highlight the gestures, the look and personality of the child. A child photography session is a family souvenir, to be cherished for the rest of your life. A professional children’s portrait session is a magical moment!

How does a child portrait session take place?
For portraits of very young children, a children’s photo session is a fun moment, often quite quick because it must be said that they are the ones who decide how the photo session will go. For older children, everything is possible in a good atmosphere, from 4 or 5 years old you can start to play with expressions and attitudes. From the age of 6, you can really have fun looking for the whole range of expression of the child, capturing his character, seeing his personality take shape.
For the little 2 year olds, my experience allows us to create a real contact with the child; patience is key with the younger ones and I do my best to adapt to the child’s rhythm, to give him time to acclimatize to this new place and to this strange game… It is important to set the time of the appointment for the shooting at a moment that corresponds to the rhythm of the child or children.
We also offer newborn sessions where the baby is held in the arms of his parents. The opportunity to capture the beautiful harmony that unites you during this magical moment of your family makes a newborn baby photo shoot a very special occasion. 
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