10 Photography Session Locations on 30A

10 Photography Session Locations on 30A

With over a dozen beautiful, fine sand beaches, 30A is nothing if not scenic. That’s why it’s a great region for photography. Wedding photos, graduation photos, even photos used for professional marketing can look stunning with the backdrop of the white sand and deep blue water. It helps to have a great professional photographer to help make the most of the location. Here are some of our favorite photography session locations along 30A:

Grayton Beach

Grayton Beach has everything you could want from a sunny beach photoshoot. Great weather, fine sand that won’t take days to shake off, and best of all: blue, blue sky and sea. It’s great for engagement photos, wedding photos, senior photos and so much more.

Watercolor Flower Gardens and Water Fountain

Watercolor Cerulean Park has a stunning display of flora as well as peaceful streams, ponds, and the water fountain is especially beautiful. If you want to take a picture that feels as tranquil as it does colorful, this is the photography location for you.

Watercolor Boathouse and Dock

While you’re at the park, make sure you get some pictures near the boathouse and docks. It’s just as soothing in a different way, and it brings back the aquatic atmosphere you expect from 30A.

Public Access Beach Between Watercolor and Seaside

When you look at Instagram pictures of 30A, many of them are set in the sunny, idyllic village of Seaside. The brick-paved streets and swaying palm trees will give your professional photos the perfect summer vibe that you need, as well as an easygoing quality. The public access beach between Watercolor and Seaside, featuring the iconic Seaside pavilion, is a must for photography.

Watersound Trails to the Beach

Sometimes it’s not just the beach itself that makes a great photo opportunity. Sometimes it’s the journey there. The trails to the beach at Watersound are long and rugged, surrounded by beautiful dunes. You can’t help but stop and take a picture.

Rosemary Beach Walkways

Cobblestone streets, white sandy beaches, sunny weather and beautiful architecture. What’s not to love? You and your professional photographer are sure to find plenty of potential in Rosemary Beach, especially the walkways.

Monet Monet Gardens

Monet Monet is inspired by the famous French artist’s actual home. The building itself is charming, but it’s the lush and colorful gardens that really shine. Look for romantic little bridges and vine-covered pavilions to really make your photos stand out.

Cypress Springs

The water is so blue it almost looks natural at these cool springs in Vernon, Florida. They’re not only beautiful to behold and photograph, but you’ll want to go swimming in it as soon as you can.

Grayton Beach State Park

This is another location that has a view of the coastal dune lakes, so you can have a traditional beach photo or something a little more rugged and unique. There are also restrooms here so if you need to make multiple costume changes, you can do so easily.

Eden Gardens State Park

It doesn’t have to be all sandy beaches. Eden Gardens State Park is built around a beautiful historic mansion, carefully preserved and framed by tall oak trees. It’s a popular wedding destination for a reason — it’s hard to beat that view.

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